Things overheard, in this, perhaps the final heat wave of 2007

8 09 2007

The beginning of another hackneyed series, as much for my own memory as for your enjoyment: Things Overheard. New York is abuzz with ceaseless noise, mechanic and human. And though these quotes will be always — or at least often — taken out of context, I say that the act of living in this city provides enough context for anyone.

And on this wet, hot spell that marks the end of summer by prolonging it, New Yorkers have things just as wet and hot on their minds:

As a 32-year old, it’s hard for me to deflower a 20-year old. (Courtesy of a 32-year-old man in very inadequate shorts at the Brooklyn Brewery, who seemed to be interested in some light gardening)

You wanna make sure, kid, that you give her the whole thing.  (Told to me by one of the pitchers on the baseball team in the Bronx I was trying out for, while we were standing around during batting practice)

I feel sorry for Michael Vick. (Man on Subway drinking an Olde English 40 in a brown paper bag)