Laying it all out

Man vs. Nature

The idea is that this will evolve into a source of legitimate information and criticism, or at the very least, fluctuate between personal and public rantings. Ideally, it will become a forum for chatter including and about the residents of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods on this over-populated sliver of land.

All blogs start the same way, buzzing with ambition and unsustainable high-mindedness (see title). Most die the Loman death. Maybe this one will. Maybe it won’t. It’s up to me, then it’s up to you.

But we’re a generation of voices, able to indirectly communicate with each other, to peer into each other’s lives in a way not even windows and well-focused binoculars will allow. Our historically high self-esteem colors our words with meaning and gravity, occasionally even deserving of those abstractions. But narcissism aside, we’re a generation in it together. And in those voices we find our truths. I’m just trying to add another one to the mix.


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