Unflagging patriotism (…sorry)

11 10 2007

In Reno, a Mexican-run joint — it seems at first glance like a bar. At second glance, when you see the ‘No Persons Under 21 Allowed’ sign, it seems more like a bar — was flying the Mexican flag above the American flag. It’s illegal to do such a thing in this country, the newscasters tell us.

So, a man with a 5-year-long beard decided to deal with things his way. The way an American would. Grunt.

Then, he gets a spot on a national TV talk show — because the smallest action, if symbolically poignant, expands into a transcontinental agitation — to talk about what happened.

Is this innapropriate? It seems, at most generous, to be a form of citizen’s arrest: A relatively nonviolent approach to an ‘illegal’ situation, handled quickly and efficiently. Of course, at worst, it’s a wild stunt that reveals just how insecure we can be when people challenge America.


A case of the Mondays

24 09 2007

While I finish up an essay about penguins (ready by tonight or tomorrow morning), check this out, with the political season getting warmer and all.

And because it’s Monday…

Some screaming.

Bill Murray & the Fact Checkers

12 09 2007

Video shorts are totally the coolest new thing yeah!

But this one is pretty sweet, from the guys who brought you the Will Ferrell landlord short: