Monday Question

7 04 2008

Had my first friend-wedding this weekend, accompanying a group of former (or perhaps, dormant) scumbags to a ceremony that was, by every definition, magnificent. Left me feeling all warm, knowing that, in the face of all of this news about divorce rates rising, human mating cycles going along a 7-year curve, people still have every confidence in cementing their love for each other. Brilliant stuff.

So, the question is, knowing that upwards of 40 percent of American marriages end in divorce, is it thrilling or foolhardy for you to see people still slip on the rings? Is it a rally against the norm or ignorance of it?




2 responses

7 04 2008

Ignorance, brah. Nobody goes into marriage even so much as thinking about divorce (outside of gold diggers and hedge fund managers, of course).

Hey, that rhymed.

7 04 2008

With my married friends, I’ve truly been confident that they are in it for the long haul and very, very right for each other. Since that was the case, it’s been truly inspiring and beautiful to see, because it feels like it was absolutely the perfect thing to do.

I do agree that most people don’t go into a marriage considering the possibility that it could end. It seems almost like a defeatist attitude to even consider that as a possibility (although I’m not sure where that leaves me on the subject of pre-nups), and I know my friends took the til’ death part quite seriously.

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