Tuesday Question

18 03 2008

An irate ex-girlfriend once told me that the Road To Hell is paved with good intentions. In that case, what is the road to heaven paved with?

Best answer gets beers.




2 responses

18 03 2008

Prayer and vigorous labor for the Lord.

18 03 2008

The road to heaven is paved with pizza. It is lined with beer taps and naked women filling pint glasses (yes, only pint glasses, thus to ensure your beer is always cold on the way up). A Mariachi band follows you providing you with all the tacos you desire. Midgets whip Bob Costas and Joe Buck as they carry you on a throne built upon Lord Stanley’s Cup. A floating 60″ plasma hovers in front of you with pictures of heaven, since HD is better than real life. Along the way Kristen, the $2000/hr prostitute that destroyed Eliot Spitzer, fulfills whatever desire you wish, but you don’t have to pay! Best of all, a priest follows you the whole way so you can confess your sins and be absolved of your pre-heaven debauchery before you get to St. Peter.

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