I Dream Of Presidents

13 03 2008

This site was featured in the New Yorker’s Talk of the Town last week, so it doesn’t really need me to steer anybody in its direction, but I just think it’s such a damn interesting idea.

It’s called http://www.metaphysicalpoll.com/, formerly known as IDreamOfHillaryIDreamOfBarack until it began to include John McCain, and it’s a blog devoted to the unconscious creepings of the three Presidential hopefuls. Sheila Heti, the compiler of the site, is a Canadian who’s turned in some decent fiction.

But here, she’s venturing into something very modern. As presidential candidates veer into the realm of celebrity — do we really have any other name for explaining the hysteria around Obama? — they embed themselves in the culture that, if Freud was right, provides us our symbols in our dream state.

Take a look.




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