Tuesday Listage

11 03 2008

New York governor Elliott Spitzer, he of the sunken eyes and generous forehead, came into office with ambitions ablaze, initiatives bolstered by his landslide victory in the gubernatorial race, where he claimed 69 percent of the vote. That’s mandate territory. He galvanized such support that Bill Richardson — the jowly man who made a brief pass at the Presidency this year, debating in New Hampshire — called him ‘the future of the Democratic Party.’

Spitzer vowed progressivism and housecleaning: he would legalize gay marriage and reform the policies toward immigrants all the while reforming the way business was done in Albany, a notoriously Byzantine governmental system, rife with nepotism and old-money crochety dudes.

But a string of scandals and a botched decision to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants tore him apart. His approval rating as of November 2007 stood at 33 percent.

Then this: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/11/nyregion/11spitzer.html?hp

So, without further adieu:

Things That Elliott Spitzer Could Have Picked Up That Would Not Get Him Thrown Out Of Office:

His laundry

His kids from school 


A new hobby

An addiction to alcohol and/or painkillers and/or various varietals of pornography


The populous’ faith in the government

An affinity for firearms, especially automatic ones


Whores that didn’t belong to a traceable service




One response

11 03 2008

politicians involved in sex scandals? what’s next??? gangsters shooting each other? rock stars doing drugs?

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