Friday Question

7 03 2008

We just opened up a fantasy baseball league for membership last night, inspired by the early trickles of spring training baseball. And we’re not alone — more than 15 million US adults, as of 2006, partake in some sort of fantasy sport.

That said, if there were any sort of fantasy league you could enter — bakeries, cable repairmen — what would it be?




One response

11 03 2008

yo dude there definately needs to be some sort of celebrity fantasy league. I’m not sure if you should gain points for movie profits or album sales or DUIs or paternity cases. I think it might be more fun to win because you picked the craziest celebrity. Also it’s not like the information would be hard to find. Allegations can count as a fraction and you can gain full points when they are proven. It will make the hoards of paparazi slightly useful.

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