Mid-Week, Return Question

5 03 2008

With Vegas and jet lag sufficiently behind me now (and a March of late, late nights ahead), I return!

As I was on the flight home, scraping across the sky and looking down at the American plains growing darker the more easterly we moved, I got to thinking: America is represented by nine towns, divided into three strata.

The first, representing a land of opulence and grandeur, is composed of New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The second, a land of down-home-ness and good ol’ boys, gives us Dallas, Nashville and Birmingham.

The third, a land scourged by poverty and hopelessness, gives us Baltimore, Detroit and Newark.

And then I thought of how mindlessly reductive this all was and how Barack Obama is promising to unite the country again, a vow touched with uncommon charisma that has catapulted him into orbit.

So, the question is: In a country that has been convinced by the media that it’s fractured into warring parties, can a president truly act as binding agent; or, in other words, are Chris Matthews and Bill O’Reilly more influential than the White House?




One response

5 03 2008

One issue voters are killing this country. People that care about the stability of this country will recognize that there are many important issues this election; the economy, national security, civil liberties, immigration, Iraq and healthcare. (I would throw climate change in there, but I consider that part of the economy for the purposes of this election due to its intimate relationship with oil) Notice how I did not put gay marriage or abortion in that list. These are issues that while you can argue their importance, do not dictate the stability of the country. To the gay community I say, get ready to battle in 4 years, for now lets take care of more pressing issues. As to abortion, again, the country isn’t going to fall wether or not Roe v Wade is overturned. Oddly enough there is one group of voters that opposes both of the previously mentioned. Evangelicals will never vote for a candidate that is pro-choice or supports the gay community. Thank you Bill Donahue for being a prick.

The Evangelicals are massively powerful in this country, not just for their ability to mobilize their voters but in their ability to deepen the rift between the christian right and the moderate left. The Evangelicals intolerance of anything un-christian has this tendency to anger the left making it impossible for a candidate to be able to appeal to both sides.

But what about the left? Democrats are notorious for being one issue voters. The only thing the party is united in is their hatred of George Bush. So each democrat takes their position and it looks like the party can stand behind one candidate. But then Nader comes along, the environmentalists jump on his side, just enough to cost the party the election. More so then Nader, the right has the power of national security on their side. I feel that many votes from the left go to the republicans because the democratic candidates do not push national security like McCain. We should never forget 9/11, but the country needs to live people, so we must fix the domestic issues.

This is horrible to say, but I really wish a white mad would have ended up with the democratic nod. At least then we could retain the bigots on the left (they exist, you all know it, I even found myself thinking I’d vote for McCain over Hillary because she’s a woman, then I slapped myself) . I do think McCain is the best choice for the republicans, but for god sake, we need a president that will make the troops getting out of Iraq a priority and not talk about us being there for 100 years. But I could be ok with McCain. Unfortunately I feel that if McCain wins the congressional democrats will respond quite negatively to it.

To sum it up, the right is so stubborn it makes it hard to forge any sort of compromise. While I do blame the christian right for pushing their beliefs into politics way too much, I do have to say that the democrats aren’t making it any better. I disagree with Evangelicals, but I will never call them stupid or insult their intelligence or their love of this country. Many on the left will do those things. There are many that think if you believe in god you can’t possibly be smart. Intellectuals are dumb sometimes.

So my friend, no, I do not think any president, at least, any of the candidates for president this time round, can be a binding agent. I believe this country needs to evaluate how it is run and start exploring options for massive changes as federal law can not work for only half of the people. I would greatly endorse more power to the states giving more towards state taxes rather than federal to support what each region needs.

*As a note, I did try to be fair to both sides in this response, but the right just makes it so easy to bash on them. I have not finalized my mind on my choice for president, but I certainly do not support Senator McCain. While he may be the best suited for foreign policy, I think the people of this country have become so enveloped in terrorism that domestic issues don’t matter to many people. McCain’s stance on the economy & healthcare scares me a bit. If people continue to vote based on national security alone then we truly are playing into the terrorists hands. How many more homes have to be foreclosed upon?

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