Monday Inquiry

25 02 2008

When Katherine Heigl approached the podium to present an award during last night’s Academy Awards, her eyes inflated. I’m really nervous — I’m not good at this stuff, she admitted (or something very nearly like that). She then proceeded to stare at the teleprompter, muttering out words in a thin staccato, looking like somebody who was explaining to a teacher why she forgot her homework.

Now, speaking to an audience of a few thousand members of the of American royalty — not to mention an international viewership that Regis Philbin estimated probably a little generously at a billion people — provides legitimate cause for one’s voice to quiver and one’s resolve to wilt. Heigl is damn talented, too. But when she was up there, all that training seemed to slip away. She didn’t crumble, but you could sense the moment was glass.

So, the question is, if you were on stage at the Oscars, who would you focus on in the audience, and why? Also, if you had the ability to put anybody (or anything) in the audience for you to stare at while speaking, who/what would it be?




One response

25 02 2008

I’d focus on Katherine Heigl’s breasts

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