Friday Question

22 02 2008

It’s snowing lumps today in New York, which is incredible, because to date, we’ve been almost entirely bypassed by the whiter side of precipitation. Now, my question for you dreamers, is if you could make one thing snow from the sky (frogs, toasters…snowflakes), what would it be?




3 responses

22 02 2008

well, other than big-breasted, but short women with a hankering for overweight, slightly balding men of Italian-American heritage, I’d love to see it snow marzipan.

I really like marzipan.

22 02 2008

Make it snow money… in bill form, none of that stinkin’ change.

Although, in the parlance of our times, I believe making it snow money is known as “Makin’ it rain.”

24 02 2008

ninja stars, yup, definitely ninja stars

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