Friday Question

15 02 2008

Yesterday, I had this portable Burger King concoction called ‘potato snacks.’ They were flavored like ketchup and french fries, and tasted like chinese won-ton noodles covered in ketchup crystals.

What, exactly, would be the finest food or food/drink combination to press into potato snacks?




3 responses

15 02 2008

Whiskey and beef jerky.

16 02 2008

Bloody Mary flovoured w/ vodka crystals, New England Clam Chowder wedges, Rasberry Brandy, Chicken Nugget potato wedges.

18 02 2008

On a separate note I have a friend here at school who feels like its his destiny to develop haminapple juice. Some sort of ham/pinapple blended concoction. Maybe that could be pressed into a potato chip form?

I tried those BK wantons. They were really salty and just tasted like styrofoam covered in catsup crystals. Deeeelish!

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