The Afterglow

4 02 2008

Would the Patriots’ season have been considered more successful if they had made it to the Super Bowl with four losses?




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4 02 2008

Foolishly, yes.

5 02 2008

I know I would’ve felt a lot better about it.

If a team goes 12-4 and loses in the Super Bowl, even if they are favored, there’s a precedence from that year that doesn’t make it the most shocking result.

I went into Sunday with two major sporting events that I desperately cared about on Sunday and Monday. I had all the confidence in the world that the New England Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl and complete a perfect season. I pretty much expected BU to lose to BC in the Beanpot first round, thus putting us in our first consolation game since 94.

When the Pats lost (actually, when they gave up the winning touchdown), I proceeded to ‘self-destruct’ (Drea’s words, not mine) and drank over half a bottle of Jameson in about 20 minutes, including a walk outside to punch the fence behind our building. It was all rage, sadness and shock. It felt as bad as I’ve felt about a sporting event since BU lost to BC in the 06 NCAA tournament or the Sox losing to the Yankees in 03.

When Gerbe’s shot hit the net last night in overtime, I said ‘fuck.’ gathered my shit and left the Garden, more concerned about finding my ride than angry about the game. I had a little hope through the game, but I had pretty much accepted the inevitable. I felt a lot less angry and sad than I had the night before, even though in reality, I care more about BU hockey than I do about the Pats.

With those huge expectations, failure cuts a lot worse than it does with a team with lower expectations. I can even compare Pats Super Bowl losses, because this one felt much worse than the 96 loss to the Packers.

This was a pure and simple choke from the head coach on down, and that’s why it hurts so damn much.

6 02 2008

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