Superman dat Hoooooooo

28 01 2008

The opening line in the most ubiquitous pop song of the past quarter-year invites the onlooker to watch as the protagonist cranks ‘dat soulja boy on a ho. He then proceeds to perform a maneuver known in high-class circles as supermanning, which involves an innovative way of fixing a cape to a sidekick.

It’s a pretty impressive move that Souja Boy Tell ‘Em’s pulled off here. He’s taken a massively degrading sex move and turned it into a benign, danceable mega-hit. It’s like writing a song about administering Dirty Sanchezes and having Chuck E Cheese’s buy it as their theme song. I mean, six-year-olds dance to this thing.

So that brings us to a question. If you were to write a song that celebrated a sex act, what would you call it?




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