Two Girls, One Kermit

19 12 2007

I think I like this clip so much because it signifies the merging of youthful innocence and, well, Two Girls and One Cup. One of the most famous clips on the internet, acclaimed for its restraint and nuance, Two Girls represents a whole lot of debauched nihilism.

But the video itself isn’t the main attraction anymore. In a postmodern turn of events, it’s the clips of people reacting to the video that are garnering more hits. Hundreds of people have recorded themselves acting out ostensibly authentic reactions to the film, and some are reasonably entertaining.

For a few other choice reactions, check these out:

Joe Rogan gives us his comedic best.

Robert Kelly on Opie & Anthony

A dad.




2 responses

19 12 2007

Joe Rogan and his friend act like the girls and the BME olympics are going to come out of the computer at them like that little girl from the movie “The Ring.”

19 12 2007

Bobby Kelly on O&A was awesome.

There’s one with a grandmother watching it too, which is hilarious. Not as good as Bobby vomitting, but still pretty funny.

I don’t know how this doesn’t make her drop dead. “Oh, she’s throwing up! Oh, she’s oh! Jackie, what’s wrong with you! Good grief! You need to talk to someone!”

Just awesome.

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