Hiding Steroids in the Sox?

14 12 2007

According to the Times, the bombshell Mitchell Report — the expose, named after Senator George Mitchell, which named 86 ballplayers involved in steroid usage over the past 15 years — may have been written with a bit of a bias.

Mitchell, evidently a steadfast investigator with a history of impartiality, named 20 past or current Yankees in the report. Only two of the people (Eric Gagne, Mo Vaughn) were Red Sox. Turns out that Mitchell sits on the Board of Directors for the Sawks, a corporation that has placed a great deal of focus on its image since the John Henry administration began.

Mitchell argues quite competently that his main source, former Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski, had more links to New York than he did Boston. But for a project of this magnitude, it seems like deadlines made for some unfinished reporting. Maybe the Sox are, indeed, cleaner. Probably not.

I’ll reserve judgement on this tiny, little earth-shaker of a report until the first furious waves settle (give it til next week). But in the meantime, check out the full list and feel free to post any thoughts on why the Yanks have 10 times the representation on the list that the Sawks have.




2 responses

14 12 2007

I believe Roger Klemens was a Red SoK as well, but yeah, no doubt Nomar and others were doing all kinds of stuff…the real question is why even bother with this report? It’s not going to change anything and only makes baseball look worse. Plus now arrogant sports writers can justify their personal grudges against players in Hall-of-Fame voting and throw around big words like “morals,” “ethics,” and “cheating.”

19 12 2007

The issue I have is the report is incomplete at best. As a Yankees fan, I wouldn’t say that George Mitchell was biased, I would just say that if he thinks this report is complete enough to present then the whole thing is a farce and a waste of time.

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