And this, from China

3 12 2007

In a development of just sheer look-what-you’ve-gone-and-done-now, China has no women. Not just attractive women. Not just smart women, funny women, or generally capable women. No women.

No, China has so few women that its men have been forced, often, to resign themselves to a life of bachelorhood. In many cases, lifelong and unwavering celibacy.

In the West, such a resignation is virtually unknown to heterosexual men who work outside the computer science fields. Sure, times can get bad. Sure, people have given up. But mathematically, you’re always in the equation if the government mandated pairing.

But can you imagine for a second how life would change if one made such a concession? If, as Freud said and experience corroborates, all of our actions as men are motivated by a subconscious (or conscious) coital pursuit, would there have been an American Dream? Would we have pushed West? Would the words Manifest and Destiny ever have married? 

Or would we just have sat on our couches and sewn bonnets all day, convinced (and rightly so) of some sort of pre-birth conspiracy against our happiness? For all the strange things going on in China right now, this has to be one of the most profound targets for sympathy.




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3 12 2007

I can relate. Go Hopkins!

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