Double Dutch

16 11 2007

And today, for your viewing pleasure, we deconstruct a legend. This is a man after whom I modeled my catching style, but, alas, not my hairstyle. When I first started falling in love with baseball in 1992-93, there wasn’t a cooler ballplayer than Darren Daulton. Mullet flapping in the breeze, supermodels chasing him with their eyes as he rounded the basepaths, he was the finest member of a Philly team that subtracted from the overall level of class in the big leagues.

We saw his devolution start the year after the Phightin’s lost the Series, when, in spring training, he looked out from behind home plate at a billboard featuring his wayward wife for the entirety of camp.

Now, we get this (courtesy of Justin) — a glimpse into a mind that could only come from catching, the only position on the field that plays outside the lines.

And for more of this, check out this story from a few years back.

Happy Friday.




One response

16 11 2007

One and one half years ago, that story. 1 1/2. Since then Marianne Williamson has published a NY Times bestweller on the same topics. Darren has written his own book and its at If They Only Knew – ancient topics. cool stuff.

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