Question 10

12 11 2007

In conversation, it’s important to have a few topics at your disposal that demand, in polite society, a one-sided response. Topics that you will immediately take the same stance on, and thus build a relationship, because your citizenship requires it of you. Things like, say, Paris Hilton, genocide or the DMV.

But there may be fewer things in life less polarizing than dinosaurs. A few don’t believe they existed — ballplayer Carl Everett is one, my roommate Nick, who claims they were invented to sell lunchboxes, is another — but no one in my life has ever responded negatively to the idea of dinosaurs.

That being said, have you ever met anyone who had a negative response to dinosaurs? If so, is this person currently incarcerated?




One response

12 11 2007

When I was four years old, my mom took me to this amusement park that had life sized mechanical dinosaurs that roared with all the passion and fury of the real thing. I had to be carried from the exhibit crying like, well, a baby.

I think that constitutes a negative response, even though now I wouldn’t mind keeping a small herbivore as a pet.

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