Halloween’s Steppin’

7 11 2007

My hometown newspaper and former employer, The Morning Call, ran this story on the second day of November.

It’s a tale of ingenuity. Of careful planning. Of steadfastness and perseverence. It’s a story of six costumed Pennsylvanians — two of them adults, the other four, children — who turned Halloween into a week on what seems to be a dare by the Call.

Six nights in a row, they donned the outfits and trudged from doorstep to doorstep. Some nights, namely the ones which took place in the more affluent municipalities, were (artificially) fruitful. Other nights had less success. The final gross came in at 115 pounds of variously embellished sugars.

And none of this should have been possible.

One-hundred, fifteen pounds of candy is the product of a country that just can’t get enough of its holidays. Now, Halloween is a roving day, occurring on whatever day of the week the 31st of October is, versus days like, say, President’s Day. One can be forgiven for a Friday-or-Saturday-before-the-day trick-or-treat perhaps, but a week of it?

Christmas to Halloween to Prom seasons are diffusing more and more every year, creeping into other months and leaving a decent hangover. Christmas music starts playing in early November — my office, spurred on by the Christmas rush, has its decorations up already (other teams have wreaths and lights. My team has a plastic menorah).

Halloween, by all accounts (from kindergarten through college) a first-tier secular holiday, is something that should be celebrated hard. But for a whole week? That’s either the mark of a terribly depraved culture — it is, after all, a holiday about demons and ghosts and Richard Nixon masks and otherwise unsavory things — or a deprived one, a society that’s so bent on avoiding any fun that it has to wring as much as possible from its scheduled recreation.

Of course, these protracted holiday seasons dilute the whole significance of the seasons themselves. Christmas season is (was?) special because it urges people to be good to each other, or something like that. But, we’re gradually finding, ours is a country can only stomach so much goodwill.

Is it time to not only join the forces in the War Against Christmas, but in the Hordes against Hefty Holiday Seasons?




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8 11 2007

holy diabetes batman.

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