6 11 2007

Does Facebook’s birthday tracker make it less meaningful to wish someone a happy birthday now? If you’re virtually told to do so, isn’t it like apologizing after someone tells you that all you had to do to make things better was say sorry?




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6 11 2007

Yes. But then again, I don’t wish everyone of my facebook friends a happy birthday.

6 11 2007

I don’t ever do it. I just figure that people get enough wishes. That being said, I expect one from you incase no one else remembers me.

6 11 2007

I love it, mainly because I’m such a self-absorbed asshole that if I didn’t know your birthday 15 years ago, there’s no chance I’ll remember it now, and Facebook helps me look like slightly less of an asshole since I now know that is in fact someone’s birthday.

8 11 2007

I feel like it makes it even worse to be neglectful, because now there’s no excuse. Everyone is assumed to be on facebook all day long because of the damn people, like kids from my 10th grade math class, who do wish all their facebook friends happy birthday.

Those conscientious, thoughtful pricks.

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