Halloween Duo Costumes

24 10 2007

Nick Cardamone, with the suggestion of “Tools of Ignorance,” wins the column name-off. Congratulations to the man with a beard that grows faster than debt.


(He’s the one with the beard)

I apologize for the short posts of late. I promise to get back to rambling mini-theses again, when work ceases to inch me closer to aneurysm.

But! Another question, with another offer of a free round for the best suggestion:

Tay and I are trying to craft a tandem Halloween costume. I want to avoid human, especially celebrity, couples, and would prefer something abstract (Death and Dismemberment, War and Peace [not War and Peace], etc.). Any ideas?




7 responses

24 10 2007

Pride and Prejudice

24 10 2007
Magnus Fermagnisun

What are you doing to Dom that he has the look of “OH NO! NOT AGAIN!” Also, “OH NO NOT AGAIN!” is my submission for your submissive costume, I mean just costume.

24 10 2007

Dude…I love the format of that picture. It’s compressed at the sides, making me ever so slightly thinner. Thumbs up.

If you found another person, you could go as; Il Buono (The Good), Il Brutto (The Ugly) e Il Cattivo (The Bad).

More generically, Hate and Love, but only if Tay went as Hate and you went as Love (because having the girl go as love would be waaaay to cliche).

Pain and Suffering

East vs. West

North and South

Coming and Going (could be fun and dirty)

Neither Here, Nor There

24 10 2007

At that time the picture was taken, I think we’d had enough beers to feel as thin as we wanted.

…then we covered a hockey game.

25 10 2007

Dark and Light Beer
Broken Condom, and Morning After Pill
Rum and Coke
Adam and Eve, kinda the person thing
Hot Dog and Bun
Mike and Ike

Pleasure and Pain

All I could think of buddy

26 10 2007

Lois (from superman) and Clark (the explorer)
Cher and a Dead skier.

27 10 2007

Freudian slip – Tay dresses as a german psychiatrist (think: grey flannel suit, tortoise shell glasses) and you in a lacy slip.

You could each dress up as a skyscraper, but one of you is wearing a tail and be “the tale of two cities.”

one of you could dress up as a hoagie (or a submarine boat) and the other could be a lime and you’d be “sublime.”

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