Students Today

17 10 2007

This video has achieved, according to The Onion AV Club, quite a following.

What we can glean from this montage is something truly harrowing, although not altogether shocking. It’s not that students are lazy and anonymous, unimpressed by the people who stand in front of lecture halls and spout wisdom. It’s not that students are feeling alienated and pigeonholed. It’s not that they’re feeling like all the promise of the mid-20th century cracked and disintegrated in the final stretch.

It’s that our generation wants so badly to make its alleged plight — which is, of course, the plight of being whiny — known. It’s that these people don’t realize that American students have been this way pretty much since the 60s.

It’s that these people are just so, so terribly lame. They’re the people who go to anti-war rallies and confuse the peace sign with the Mercedes sign, the ones who hold up signs to protest things they can’t really define for reasons unknown, the ones who have killed activism.




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