Let there be Laptops!

2 10 2007

Sally Struthers has made a second career of campaigning for a nickel a week, expanding so horizontally that her presence necessitates a widescreen TV. A nickel a day, we’re told, will feed a child for life. A nickel a day will be clothing, will be a chance.

And now, we have this campaign. Called, patriotically, One Laptop for Every Child.

I’m trying to figure out if this is hopelessly quixotic. Not that I’m against such things — the best things derive either from such lofty leanings (The Odyssey, The Sistine Chapel, The Chrysler Building, The Wiffle Ball, Taco Bell, beer) or accident (penicillin, The Slinky, Silly Putty, beer).

But if nobody donates a nickel a damn day, where are these laptops gonna come from?




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