Question 5

17 09 2007

Which band or musical artist would you most want to have barred from the radio waves forever, and how far would you go to make it possible?

Losing a body part is not an acceptable answer, unless well embellished.




One response

17 09 2007


And I’d definitely follow Wu tang’s lead, grab Steve Perry’s tongue and stab that shit with a rusty screwdriver. (Kill the tongue and the voice will die)

Then I’d go Pesci on him and crush his head in a vice, so he wouldn’t have a brain and be able to write songs anymore (not that it takes a brain to write a Journey song).

And I’d make sure I took lots of pictures, and I’d project them on the screen at Ts Karaoke so that those images would permanently be associated with their sound, and people would be vomiting uncontrollably if they heard any Journey songs.

Then, I’d get every copy of every recording of theirs that exists, destroy them, mix them with concrete and pour the results into the mouths of all remaining band members.

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