12 09 2007

If the theoretical world were pretty much the same as it is now, would you rather dinosaurs or Shakespeare never existed?




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13 09 2007
Sasha Fraine

In the theoretical world I guess I would rather have the dinosaurs and here is why:

While I myself have enjoyed the work of Shakespeare in my late high school/early college days (especially the Leo DeCaprio version of Romeo and Juliet…lame I know) the joy it brought me is nothing in comparison to the joy dinosaurs brought me in my childhood.

I am a huge science geek. I love fossils, bones and museums and while a career in paelintology (sp??) will never find its way into my future it brought me great joy in my past.

I just don’t see myself reading Hamlet for fun, but that’s just me.

13 09 2007

Give me a giant T-Rex skeleton over King Lear any day.
And how great — how awesomely great — was Jurassic Park?

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