The Day

11 09 2007

The Weekly Standard had a problem (doesn’t it always?) with the Times’ pre-emptive 9/11 story, much like I did, pointing out that it’s probably very unlikely that most (or even a significant amount of) Americans sit around arguing about when commemoration of 9/11 should flag, and that the day is still ripe in our minds, still charged with emotion.

I tend to agree. How about you? But I’ve written awfully on 9/11 in the past, so I’ll defer to another source. 

For a beautiful piece written during the first waves after 9/11, before the invasions, before the conspiracy theories, before ‘WMD’ meant anything and the Dept. of Homeland Security existed, before our safety became a matter coded by colors, when America was one, unified and shaken mass, go to McSweeney’s.




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