Signs of the Times

7 09 2007

Our lives are directed, often dictated, by signs — like that 60’s song says. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign? Unless you can’t read the sign. Then you can happily float along until you intersect a moving bus. They can be imposing, off-putting, at times. But there’s a lot of humor in signs, in their immutability. They apply only in given situations. Otherwise, they mock.

Envision them as a person repeating the same unchanging phrase, over and over again. On a highway, someone screaming the speed limit during both free-flow or unmoving traffic jams. Or on a golf cart, a woman (who may or may not be your mother) telling you over and over again not to drink while you operate the vehicle.

I’m trying to start a series of ironic, contradictory or otherwise funny signs. So if you guys find any, send them on over. In the interim, enjoy this one, located at the intersection of Babcock and, well, Devotion Street in Boston.





3 responses

8 09 2007

Way to be only the seven millionth person on the internet to keep a collection of funny signs

8 09 2007

Well then we’ve got the whole thing cornered, eh?

I’m not asking for funny signs. I’m asking for funny situations in light of signs. A man as witty as to be pretending to be The Concerned Terrier should have parsed that out by now, right?

13 09 2007
Sasha Fraine

I have a website of photos my friend took while we were in NZ. They aren’t all signs and they aren’t American, but nonetheless I feel you will find them amusing.

I’ll IM it to you later.

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