Hipster Kickball

3 09 2007

It was a game within a game. Kickball, the playground staple, provided the frame story, set upon a dirt infield in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn park, across from McCarren Park — where Modest Mouse will play in a few weeks. But the real story did not trace the plotline of kicked or thrown or bounced or bounding balls. The pants were too constraining for that.

Rather, this game, 40-something-people heavy, was a stage for actors who trade in irony. The costumes were standard for the area. Pants so tight they’d choke a sapling. Unisex capris. T-shirts screen-printed with half-witty and half-assed one-liners (NYC – “The World’s (not) Fair”) or logos from seminal indie rock bands that no one really knows more than four songs from. And all in black, a color that made the game look, from 200 yards away, like it was being played by silhouettes. Silhouettes with mohawks.

“Be as cool as possible,” warned one of my companions, Quinn Duffy, who’d just moved into Green Point. “But in a way that, you know, you don’t care about.”

The theme of the game seemed to be a basic ironic exhibition — the game itself was an exhibition, we later found (playoffs begin next week) — along the lines of Who Can Play Kickball in the Clothes They Wear to Interpol Shows. Fixed-gear bikes leaned against the fence, resting from their usual Family-Circus style dotted lines between used record, thrift and chinese food stores. But if you broke a sweat, you had to sit out. Which would, of course, make me unable to even walk onto the field.

(In truth, this all seemed kinda fun, given that the guy whom I started talking to told me that all the bars around the field give the contestants To-Go cups)

And it all took place in the same place as the Hipster Olympics:

“Empanadas are the new cupcakes.”

“Yeah, but global warming is the new empanada.”

“Hobos are the new unicorns.”




One response

4 09 2007

great post kevin. Hipsters are lame. check out http://www.theburg.tv

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