27 08 2007

Would you rather so closely resemble a rock star in his prime that it brings you into bed with any number of women, some of them the most attractive you’ve ever met, or be the actual rock star, 20 years later, talking to a VH1 camera and knowing you did something? Would illegitimate children for the rock star + 20 sway your decision? And if you pick the fake rock star, keep in mind that you have to spend your life in an office, selling insurance. Not terribly well, either.




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27 08 2007

i would rather be the real rock star, because then they would be my accomplishments (illegitimate children and all). And even after 20 years, awesome old rock stars still get plenty of ass.

27 08 2007

Another important factor to consider: You’re giving up 20 years of life, theoretically. Or possibly more, assuming that if you were a real rock star, you dabbled considerably in harmful, life-shortening drugs.

I choose the insurance agent.

28 08 2007

Two Words: Bret Michaels.

28 08 2007

well, when you start to get technical. i figured i got to all of a sudden turn into said rockstar when i turned the right age. i can’t delve into it too much, because this would also assume that i would have to turn into a man, and i’m not sure how willing i am to do that either.

but i don’t think i would ever choose insurance agent. unless maybe the other choice was…hmmm, i dont even know what i would choose insurance agent over.

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