25 08 2007

If you’re the public relations director for the Little League World Series, would you rather see the mafia infiltrate the Series and get a team to throw games to support a multi-million betting ring or see a kid get hit in the face, first-hand, by a line drive, forcing him to have years of reconstructive surgery? And if you pick #1, what would you say in the press conference?




One response

25 08 2007

You definitely have to go with the first one. I’d rather see the mafia infiltrate than some kid have his life actually ruined. Let’s be totally honest, if you really would rather a kid go through years of turmoil because he got hit by a pitch you’re a bastard. Betting on sports and fixing sports is not the worst thing in the world.

That said, if I was at the press conference, my line would be:
“We at the LLWS are committed to the honesty and integrity of baseball demonstrated by the MLB. That said, I think we’re doing pretty good and still represent the purest form of our national past time.”

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